Benefactors of Abhinaya Taranga

Abhinaya Taranga has had the privilege of support and encouragement from a host of legendary artists. We would be remiss if we didn’t remember to their vital contribution to the growth of this institute.

Late Sri A. N Subbarao

The founder of Kalamandir, the first fine arts school in Karnataka (1919) and the father of our founder was a pillar of support and encouragement during genesis of Abhinaya Taranga in 1964. The theatre school founded in 1981 was in the memory of A.N Su.

Sri Rajeev Taranath

The initial conception and establishment of Taranga by Sri A.S Murthy couldn’t have been done without the backing of Sri Rajeev Taranath. Always encouraging and supportive, Taranathji’s commitment to the development of this institute was unwavering.

Late Prof K.R. Nagaraj (Keeram)

Part of initial group of artists supporting the establishment of this school, Keeram Nagaraj was instrumental in giving the institute a structure. His steadfast support for the institute till his death and his immense literary knowledge helped the organization massively.

Dr Vijaya

Also a part of the initial group of artists whose immense support was vital for the launch of the school, Smt Vijaya has always been supportive of all the endeavors of Abhinaya Taranga.

Late Sri B N Nani

Our beloved make up Professor was unwavering in his commitment and support to Taranga. He served for the betterment of the school with no expectation of returns till his last breath. His contribution to this institute is immeasurable.

Late Sri Gauri Sunder

Also the treasurer of Abhinaya Taranga in its early days. Gauri Sunder was a constant source of inspiration for his undying spirit and love for life.

Late Sri Goa Dattu

The treasurer of Abhinaya Taranga from 1991 to 2014 was instrumental in streamlining the administration of Taranga. His contribution to the structural organization of Abhinaya Taranga is immense. As an acknowledgement to his contribution and his love for cricket, Abhinaya Taranga conducts a cricket tournament every year in his memory.

Sri A. M Prakash

The current principal of Kalamandir is also an alumnus of Abhinaya Taranga. Making the sharing of the premises with Kalamandir as easy as it could be, AMP is always encouraging of the endeavors of Taranga.